40th International Symposium on the Separation of Proteins, Peptides & Polynucleotides

8th–11th, November 2020 | Porto, Portugal

The international Symposium on the Purification of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides (ISPPP), is taking place in Porto this year. ISPPP continues to be a prime scientific meeting and driver of innovation and development on all aspects of bioseparation, ranging from analytical techniques to bioprocess operations. The symposium aims to bring aims to bring together researchers from academia and industry.

Topics at ISPPP 2020 will be:

  • Products
  • Analytical detection technologies
  • Preparative separation technologies
  • Continuous Processing
  • Fundamentals and Modelling

For more information please visit: https://www.isppp.net/

CC0, Symbolic picutre; pixabay.com